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To make the financial activities of India more transparent and convenient, the Government of India has launched a document named PAN Card. The word PAN Stands for Permanent Account Number, which is a 10 digit number, unique to every PAN Card holder. Along with being a service in public welfare, it is emerging as one of the Great Business Opportunities nowadays.

What is PAN Card Agency?

A PAN Card Agency is an agency that provides the PAN Card Services to the citizens. These services broadly include New PAN Card Application & PAN Card Correction Services. One can open such an agency and earn by providing the above services to the people. All the services in a PAN Card Agency are provided under the instructions of NSDL and UTIITSL that are government-organized entities responsible for managing PAN Card Services in India.

How to become a PAN Card Agent?

To provide Seamless PAN Card services and open a PAN Card Center in India, one needs to Become a PAN Card Agent. It is possible by associating with a leading PAN Card Agency and Service Provider Company. The selection of your service provider company should be done carefully as it decides the success or failure of your PAN Card Agency Business in the future.

Dogma Soft Limited: Your best PAN Card Agency Service Provider

Dogma Soft Limited is one of the leading PAN Card Service Provider Companies in India. Our leading-edge technology allows us to deliver hassle-free PAN Card Services and instant PAN Card Agent ID to all PAN Card Franchisees. Customers' trust shows this. Ensure that you have met the Eligibility Criteria before you start a PAN Card Center.

★ Eligibilities to open a PAN Card Center ★

As PAN Card is a Government-issued Document, there are some eligibilities for a PAN Card Agent. Have a watchful look at these eligibilities.

1. Infrastructure:

The center must have an area of 250 sq. ft. Along with it, the center should have a computer, printer, scanner, and fast internet connection.

2. Education:

The applicant must have completed his graduation.

3. Documents:

The applicant needs to submit the documents such as a Character certificate, Aadhaar card, PAN card, and proof of permanent address.

The PAN Card Center Registration is subject to the completion of all the above eligibilities and the successful verification of required & valid documents. The time of registration process depends on the service provider you are choosing. Dogma Soft Limited is the PAN Card API Service Provider that offers a Quick registration process.

Work With Our Multi-service PAN Card Portal

Being a certified PAN Agency, we aim to provide exceptional customer support to our franchisees. We have made our PAN Card portal as easy as everybody can leverage it without facing trouble.

Some of the features that our multi-service portal dispenses are listed below.

  • Helps to work error-free.
  • Smooth tracing of Application.
  • Access over several other services.
  • Easy-to-apply process.
★ The phenomenal benefits of Dogma Soft’s PAN Card Distributorship: ★

We at Dogma Soft Limited give you some great reasons to work trustfully with us. Our PAN Card Portal comes with some super-cool and effective features so that you can provide Authorized PAN Card Services to your customers. Here are some of the pleasant features of Dogma Soft Limited’s PAN Card Portal.

Economical Rates & Super-Instant

Easy to track PAN Card Status

Online Documentation for registration

Quick Delivery of E-PAN

24*7 Customer Support

Highest PAN Card Commission in the market

Authorized B2B Software for PAN Card Services

Quality services guaranteed

Complimentary training of the portal

Let’s bring a change into your business by opening a PAN Card Center today with your partner in all your B2B needs that is none other than Dogma Soft Limited.



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