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Legal Aspects

Dogma Soft Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Registered by ministry of corporate affairs, government of India and trademark in business class.

Company Reg. No. is: - U72200RJ2011PLC036378

Dogma Soft Limited is registered to govt. for software development, web design and web development. Company computer software development code (NIC 98) and computer web designing code(ASICC 2000) before 7 September 2011 were as following:-

Computer Software Development Code(NIC 98) is:- 97711

Computer Web Designing Code(ASICC 2000) is:- 97721

Note : Dogma Soft's "Logo" is also registered under Trademark in business class and act of India.

Disclaimer:Images used are property of their respective Brands/company and here are used for information purpose only.