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Dogma Policy

  • Always Keep check on your registered email for new updating features . Our new and updated schemes /polices/circulars will always sent by/though email or on our website http://dogmaindia.com
  • Do not share your unique User ID and password to anyone.
  • Please always keep changing /reset your password periodically.
  • Phishing through Internet is a fraudulent attempt, usually made through social media sites like face book, email, and phone calls, SMS etc seeking your personal and confidential information. Never respond to such social sites like face book post / web address/email/SMS or phone call.If it happens report on info@dogmaindia.com immediately.
  • All our new scheme/ plan/Circulars having Respective additional terms and conditions so read them carefully before implementing or working on these new schemes/ plans/Circulars.
  • Except from website and software we are providing consultancy only for New ITI OPENING, ISO Certification and Trademark Related legal Services etc. These all are third party services and if any changes happen from their sides the same will be applicable to all our partners and clients also.
  • Always keep original software/ hardware with valid license keys in your machines like Computer/Mobile. it is only your responsiblity to maintain and update all software and hardware.The company is not responsible for any misshaping due to any pirated software or hardware.
  • If you and your organization or any person attached with you will find guilty of any criminal or civil illegal activities or involved in any other illegal activities at any time currently or in near future or Any FIR will find against you and your organization The Company shall suspend your account with immediate effect without any information and discussion.
  • The Company having all rights to decide or having sole desecration to decide about the termination of the account for a period based upon the performance of the account holder.
  • It is strictly prohibited for Any Person related to this Network /outside to this Network of the company shall not to copy, Reproduce, modify, decompile or reverse engineer any software, hardware or firmware, Marketing Material of Company in any manner what so ever.
  • If any Problem persist related to your account / any network Related Problem the resolution will be given only through remote login or by telecommunication between the office times(9.30AM to 6.30PM) except national holidays and 4th Saturday,30th January (company's annual holiday due to Annual Function on 29th January). The Company office and working will close from 9.30 AM (on 28th) to 12.00 AM (on 30th January).
  • If anyone (client/Customer/Business partner) communicates with Telephonic Conversation to the company the Total cost of the communication will be bear by him only. The company is not responsible or bears this communication cost.
  • In this all network Onsite service will not be available in any condition to any of his business partner/ client/Customer.
  • The Company also having rights to show its name and logo in the footer of software's main screen or everywhere whichever it is necessary.
  • If any type of suspicious activities or negligence related to the terms & conditions found then Dogma Soft Limited reserve rights to suspend the services and termination of user account/login panel at any time without prior notice or without any explanation and any reward/ award/ royalty/ cash back/ any other benefits will be withdrawn with immediate effect with the imposition of strict penalty and legal action can be taken.
  • The Company dogma Soft Limited reserve all rights related to modification and discontinuous of any Scheme/ Plan/ Offer at any time without prior notice and any explanation.
  • The Company Dogma Soft Limited reserve all the right to end or call back any or its entire offer without prior notice.
  • The all above terms and conditions are based on the company's policy, procedures and other company related rules currently applicable in India and are subject to amendments and adjustments from time to time. In all matter including those not specifically covered here such as online version of this software, etc will be governed by the rules of the company as shall be in force from time to time.


Please ensure the following before logging in:

  • 1.Always check for the correct url address For www.dogmaindia.com and www.dogmasoft.in
  • 2.Do not enter login or other sensitive information to any other website except listed the above one.
  • 3.Please always change/reset your password periodically
  • 4.Keep checking your registered email. Our schemes are always send though email circulars or on our website www.dogmaindia.com and www.dogmasoft.in
  • 5.Do not share your ID and password with anyone.

Beware of Phishing attacks

  • 1.Phishing is a fraudulent attempt, usually made through social media sites like facebook, email, phone calls, SMS etc seeking your personal and confidential information.
  • 2.Never respond to such facebook post/web address/email/SMS or phone call. Please report immediately to info@dogmaindia.com
  • 3.Some Websites have created similar design and template as ours, please check the URL address www.dogmaindia.com and www.dogmasoft.in before you put your username and password.

Grievances Redressal Policy:

Welcome to DOGMA SOFT LIMITED!!! Thanks for using our services (“Services”). The Services are provided by DOGMA SOFT LIMITED, located at 9/58, Palika Bazar, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur (Rajasthan) – 302017 India.which is also known as Dogma.

  • Dogma Soft limited has been developed a procedure to attend CUSTOMER/Partners grievances promptly with respect of various issues related to services. This all is done by setting up an internal three tier system. In the form of "CUSTOMER/Partner Support" and a grievance redressal mechanism in the form of "CUSTOMER/Partners Grievance Redressal Committee", and this Policy is called the "CUSTOMER/Partners Grievance Redressal Policy". This all is available on the website of the Company.

Definitions :

  • 'Company' shall mean Dogma Soft Limited. Which is carrying out the business of …………………………………. to CUSTOMERS/Partners for buying goods and services through a digital/electronic medium.
  • 'Complainant' shall mean the CUSTOMER/Partner who has a Grievance.
  • 'Grievance' shall mean communication in any form by a CUSTOMER/Partner that expresses dissatisfaction about an action or lack of action by, or about the standard of service of the Company and/or its representative, in relation to use of Dogma soft ltd services/es .
  • 'Wallet' shall mean the activated and valid closed wallet and all variants of the same issued by the Company or by third party.
  • 'Redressal' shall mean the final disposal of the Grievance of the Complainant by the Company.
  • 'Third Party' shall mean Bank or any other person/company with the help of which Dogma is providing products/services to it’s customers/partners.
  • 'Working Day' shall mean any day (other than Sunday & Public Holiday or Holiday decided by the company ) on which the Company's Corporate Office is open for business.

In today’s competitive era and constantly evolving business practices, we at DOGMA SOFT LIMITED take pride in keeping our CUSTOMER/Partners at the center for all our strategies and initiatives, and are committed to deliver the best in class. (CUSTOMER/Partner/ partner services to all our existing and new CUSTOMER/Partners/ partners at all times.)

As a service organization we promote "Excellence in Delivery" hence feedback from our valued CUSTOMER/Partners forms an integral part of all decisions taken by the organization. The feedback provided by our CUSTOMER/Partners is treated as an asset to the organization, evaluated and customized to improve our products and services.

In line with the efforts to deliver the best, Dogma Soft Limited certified itself with an ISO certification ISO 9001:2008, applicable for service industry and utilizes the standards to govern our day to day activities for a smooth and hassle free service experience to all our CUSTOMER/Partners.

This policy document aims at communicating the various mechanisms available to our CUSTOMERS/Partners to reach to us. Our service guarantee and timelines by which we try to ensure solution to our CUSTOMERS/Partners concerns.

Our Principles:

  • CUSTOMERS/Partners remain the Key to all initiatives and strategies developed by Dogma Soft Limited.
  • A "Satisfied (Delighted)" CUSTOMER/Partner is a necessity for business growth and survival.
  • Our CUSTOMER/Partners and their Feedback is treated as the most valuable asset for the organization, forming the foundation for development and innovation.
  • We endeavor to simplify our CUSTOMER/Partner’s life through our unique services innovative ideas and product offerings.
  • We Constantly evolve and invest in our grievance redressing system for a seamless service delivery.

Our Promise:

  • All grievances will be dealt promptly and courteously.
  • We promise to resolve any or all issues faced by our CUSTOMER/Partners effectively and within the communicated time frame with our full Resources.
  • All Service Level Agreements and turnaround time for each third party transaction would be communicated by the time with our full Resources.

The company has a dedicated CUSTOMER/Partner center under the CUSTOMER/Partner Service Department to manage queries and ease out grievances, if any.

We Value your Feedback:

All CUSTOMERS/Partners have the right to share their feedbacks or complaint in case they find our services are not meeting their expectations or are dissatisfied with any interaction with any of our staff members.

The CUSTOMER/Partner can send in their Queries, Requests or Complaints in the following ways:
  • Over Phone :- CUSTOMER/Partner Support Centre:-CUSTOMERS/Partners may call us on +91 9314421025 + All Particular Service wise Contact no. is available on www.dogmasoft.in, or on www.dogmaindia.com (Call Charges may apply), between 09:30 AM to 6:30 PM, 6 Days working (Emergency Holidays declared by Management, Sunday & National Holidays excluded).
  • Over Email:- Send us an email on support@dogmasoft.in
  • For CUSTOMER/Partners: - Contact us section: - CUSTOMER/Partners can choose the contact us section on our website www.dogmaindia.com and click on complaint & Suggestions.
  • For partners: - Ticket Support section:- Partners can choose the ticket support section on their partner login panel www.dogmasoft.in or using the Help Support option in the APP (Android phones).

These mechanisms are dedicated for redressing CUSTOMER/Partner complaints, providing online solution wherever possible, and capturing valuable feedback regarding our services. On receiving CUSTOMER/Partner feedback, our executives would contact CUSTOMER/Partners and ensure that all grievances are redressed as per predefined Service Level Agreement as communicated below.

If the complaint is not resolved within the given timelines or the response is unsatisfactory the CUSTOMER/Partner can choose to escalate the concern to our level 2 escalation officer, with relevant details such as Complaint Reference Number provided at the time of raising the initial complaint. The escalation methodology is mentioned in this policy under the Escalation Section.

Note – escalations without a complaint reference number will not be treated as complaint.

CUSTOMER/Partner Resolution Timelines:

S.NoComplaint TypeEstimated Timelines (SLA)
1 Money Transfer - Load or Send Money At least 7 Working Days for reversal or credits +depend on (third party transaction timelines followed by leading banks)
2 Successful transaction but beneficiary account not credited At least 7 Working Days for reversal or credits +depend on (third party transaction timelines followed by leading banks)
3 E-recharge Transaction failure At least 3 Working Days +depend on (third party transaction timelines)
4 Travel & Ticketing Related Concerns At least 3 Working Days for booking related concerns and at least 7 Days for refunds as some airlines but third party portals may have a higher turnaround time so depends on third party timelines
5 Bill payment Related Issues At least 3 Working Days and depends on third party timelines
6 Wallet related issues At least 2 - 5 Working Days and depends on third party timelines
7 IT Services related issues At least 2 - 5 Working Days and depends on third party timelines
8 All other service related issues At least 2 - 5 Working Days and depends on third party timelines

Acknowledgement of Grievances:

CUSTOMER/Partner support team will acknowledge the grievance immediately on the receipt of complaint in the form of : -

  • Auto response in case of Emails or Contact us section, or by raising a ticket Or Answering telephonically by concerning the staff

In all the scenarios a reference number would be provided for all future communications around the particular complaint.

  • The CUSTOMER/Partner will also be kept informed on the progress towards the final resolution, or would be communicated if any delay occurs.
  • All complaints would be resolved based on the CUSTOMER/Partner’s ticket issue resolution.

CUSTOMER/Partner Grievance Redress Escalation:

As "CUSTOMER/Partner’s Satisfaction” is our priority, we are committed to provide Best Service Solution Experience to all our CUSTOMER/Partners. We extend a level 2 escalation matrix to all our CUSTOMERS/Partners.

Escalation: Level 2

If following problem persists then Level 2 committee comes into work, i.e.

  • Resolution provided by Level 1 executives does not resolve the ticket issue.
  • Behavior of any representative or staff member found harsh towards any customer/partner by Dogma harassment committee at Dogma Soft Limited.
  • Breach in the above mentioned Service Level Agreements or timelines.

The CUSTOMER/Partner may choose to escalate the concern using the below mentioned methods

Write to us at :-

Grievance Redressal Committee Or Head-Public Relations
Dogma Soft Limited,
Email ID: info@dogmaindia.com

The functions of the Committee are as under:

  • The Committee will address the grievance of the CUSTOMER/Partner if issue of ticket has not been resolved by CUSTOMER/Partner Support.
  • The Committee will be responsible for ensuring timely and effective implementation of all regulatory requirements regarding CUSTOMER/Partner service.
  • The Committee shall have right to ask for all records from the CUSTOMER/Partner Support and from CUSTOMER/Partner.
  • The Committee will look into the simplification of procedures and practices prevailing in the Company with a view to safeguarding the interests of CUSTOMER/Partners of the Company.
  • The Committee will endeavor to proactively advice the CUSTOMER/Partner Support on pending complaints.

All escalations received with the required details such as reference number provided at Level 1, contact details (both phone & email) would be addressed within forty eight (48) working hours up to a max of seven (7) days. In cases pertaining to third party transactions the timeline can be extended.

Escalation: Level 3

In case the issue of ticket still not resolved by the resolution provided or delay in response beyond the timelines communicated even after following the escalation steps at Levels 1 & 2 respectively, the CUSTOMER/Partner can escalate the concern to the highest level by :-

Write to us at :-

CBO – Dogma Soft Limited,
Dogma Soft Limited,
Email ID: pawan_godara@rediffmail.com

OF GRIEVANCE for Highest Level

(All fields are mandatory)

  • To,
    CBO – Dogma Soft Limited,
    Dogma Soft Limited,
    Email ID: pawan_godara@rediffmail.com
  • 2. Date
  • 4. FULL ADDRESS OF THE CUSTOMER/PARTNER(With Registered Email Id and Registered Mobile No.)
  • 5. Dogma ID(If any)
  • 6. DETAILS OF THE GRIEVANCE,(If space is not sufficient, please enclose separate sheet)
  • 8. REMEDY PROVIDED BY THE CUSTOMER/PARTNER SUPPORT, IF ANY – (If remedy has been provided, please enclose relevant communication from the CUSTOMER/Partner Care Center)
  • 9. LIST OF DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED (Please must enclose copies of any relevant documents which support the facts giving rise of the Grievance)
  • 10. DECLARATION:- (A.) I/ We, the CUSTOMER/Partner/s herein declare that:-
    (i.) The information furnished hereinabove is true and correct; and I/ We have not concealed or misrepresenting any fact stated hereinabove and the documents submitted herewith.

    (B.) The present Grievance has been intimated to Committee in the prescribed form and manner prescribed by the Company and I/We am/are not satisfied by the remedy provided by the CUSTOMER/Partner Support
    no remedy was provided within a period of (__) days/weeks/months from the date of original intimation.

    (C.) The subject matter of the present Grievance has never been submitted to the Company by me or by any one of us or by any of the parties concerned with the subject matter to the best of my/our knowledge.

    (D.) The subject matter of my/our Grievance has not been settled by the Company/ CUSTOMER/Partner Support in any previous proceedings.

    (E.) The subject matter of my/our Grievance has not been decided by any competent authority/court/arbitrator and is not pending before any such authority/court/arbitrator.
Yours faithfully
(CUSTOMER/Partner's name in block letter)


  • If the CUSTOMER/Partner wants to nominate his representative to appear and make submissions on his behalf before the CUSTOMER/Partners Grievance Redressal Committee the following declaration should be submitted:-
  • I/We the above named CUSTOMER/Partner hereby nominate Shri/Smt./Mr./Ms./others, who is not an Advocate and whose address is as my/our REPRESENTATIVE in the proceedings and confirms that any statement, acceptance or rejection made by him/her shall be binding on me/us.
He/ She has signed below in my presence.
(Signature of Representative)
(Signature of CUSTOMER/Partner)

On receiving the escalation the complaint will get acknowledged at least within forty eight (48) hrs. To 7 working days and in special cases pertaining to third party transactions the timeline can be extended. The Management or Highest level shall take all necessary steps to redress the grievance

Final Redressal and Closure of Grievance

Grievance shall be considered as finally redressed and closed in any of the following circumstances:

  • Where the issue of the ticket is resolved and transaction is continuing again.
  • Where the Complainant has not communicated his acceptance of the Company's decision, within 1 (ONE) month from the date of communication of decision by the Customer Support or the Committee, as the case may be.

Our all communications will be only telephonic/emails/what’sapp/electronic media, no letter etc post/courier will be entertained by the company.

Refund/ Cancellation Policy:

Welcome to DOGMA SOFT LIMITED!!! Thanks for using our services (“Services”). The Services are provided by DOGMA SOFT LIMITED, located at 9/58, Palika Bazar, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur (Rajasthan) – 302017 India.which is also known as Dogma.

A Sale is final sale as it has executed from your panel which is provided by Dogma Soft Limited and payment has been deducted for such sale. As a sale is done anytime by your panel no refund or exchange or cancellation will permitted. You and only you are responsible for information provide by you for purchase and all charges that result from those purchases. Dogma Soft Limited is not responsible for any purchase by incorrect information provided. So it is only you who needs to be cautious before placing any order by your panel. You are responsible for the mobile number provided /entered by you or DTH account number by which you purchased the prepaid recharge and all charges that result from those purchases. Dogma Soft Limited is not responsible for any purchase of prepaid recharge for an incorrect mobile number or DTH account number or incorrect toll or data card information. If a transaction performed by you on the website, money has been charged by your card or bank account and a recharge is not delivered within 24 hours of completion of your transaction then you may inform us by sending an email to our customer services support@dogmasoft.in or you can raise a ticket. Dogma Soft Limited shall investigate that incident and if it is found that money was charged by your card or bank account without delivery of the recharge then money will be refunded to you within 7 working days from the date of receipt of your email. All refunds will be credited to your Be Smart Citizen Wallet/ Dogma Wallet account. If the service is provided by third party and it is a case of refund then it shall be processed as per time line given by third party and you are bounded by the terms and conditions of refund /or refund policy of third party .

IT services given /executed once cannot be taken back similarly any alteration/amendment in those will result in additional charges.

Charges for services provided by third party entirely depend on those parties only. If such parties alter charges for then they will be applied without prior notice. If sale is executed after that hike in price shall be subjected to higher price of that product/service at any stage before or after completion of the service/s.

The value/amount/payment stored on your Dogma Soft/ Be Smart Citizen Wallet shall NOT be refunded at any /under ANY circumstances/condition and may only be utilized to make payments to use our services available in your login panel of our portal/website/webpage. No interest will be payable on Dogma Soft/ Be Smart Citizen Wallet on the available balance value /amount/ payment reflected on the Dogma Soft/ Be Smart Citizen Wallet.

In case we receive a cancellation notice for a service order from you within 24-Hrs of placing the order and if the order has not been processed by us, we will be more than happy to cancel the order and refund the entire amount to you within 10 to 15 days. We will not be able to cancel those orders that have already been processed by us.

Who can get a refund?

Dogma Soft Limited refunds if payment is successfully credited to Dogma Wallet/ Be Smart Citizen Wallet balance but user is not able to get recharge/ transfer money. But in such case/s the refund will only be made to your Dogma’s wallet/ Be Smart Citizen wallet only.

How to request a refund?

Mail us support@dogmasoft.in or raise a ticket from your login panel and mention clearly your current Dogma Wallet/ Be Smart Citizen Wallet balance and what problem you are facing with recharge/ money transfer.

Replacement Policy:

If you have received a damaged product you have to send us it’s best quality pictures as soon as you receive it. Delay is not at all permitted. Now please return product within 3 days from the time of delivery.. We take responsibility only for manufacturing defects in the product nothing else.

Extended time is within 7 to 8 working days (unavoidable/avoidable causes may play vital role sometimes ) to return of damaged product.

Customer has to return the undamaged & original packing which shall not at all be tampered.

If Product damaged and original packing not fulfilled, product will not be accepted. If the service/product is provided by third party and it is a case of refund/replacement then it shall be processed as per time line given by third party and you are bounded by the terms and conditions of refund /replacement policy of third party

Web Services/IT services/Registration services:

Read carefully of all T&C of all our services/products available on www.dogmaindia.com www.dogmasoft.in and Dogma’s Group websites link available on www.dogmaindia.com once a payment or deposit is done, it is non-refundable.

Refund Policy for Franchisee Fees:

Once you pay the dogma soft a fee for franchisee and we register you as a franchisee then we will not refund franchisee fee in any circumstances. If you register yourself with Dogma Soft ltd but somehow or by any means if you do not avail services then Dogma Soft is not at all responsible for refund. An amount paid once paid for Product/panel never refund in any case. If you paid us and you are not registered on dogma soft ltd platform then you can only ask for refund by mailing us on info@dogmaindia.com


Dogma Soft Limited may at any time, without prior notice under its sole discretion, amend these policies from time to time. You are therefore requested to review these policies periodically. Your continued use of Dogma Soft Limited website after any such amendments automatically implies your acceptance of the same thereof.

Contact us regarding our refund policy :

If you have queries or suggestions regarding our refund policies kindly E–mail us at info@dogmaindia.com.

Disclaimer:Images used are property of their respective Brands/company and here are used for information purpose only. Read/Get all the information/documents carefully before joining or utilizing products/services of Dogma Group. Use your own conscious while taking such decisions. Information/images shown herein are properties of their respective brands/companies and may be different from originals/ Incomplete. For info/T&C please visit www.dogmaindia.com. If further inquiry needed contact us at our head office. T&C Apply. Internal Circulation Only