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Mini ATM

Mini, Micro Atm Bank

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  • There are many areas where ATMs are not available and people have to go to far off places to deposit or withdraw money or do other types of transactions. A lot of money is spent in this process and it is also time consuming.
  • Now you can resolve such problems as we provide Mini ATM services, which you can use to get rid of all such problem. The machine can be used to do all types of transactions that are performed in big ATM machines. You can withdraw or deposit cash, transfer money to other accounts, check balance, and many other transactions. Our agent will be available and will charge a small amount for the services.


 What is Mini ATM?

  • Mini ATM is a machine, which can be used for doing common bank transactions like cash withdrawal, money deposit, money transfer, balance checking, and many others. Using the machine is very easy and the steps are given here.


 Swipe the card

  • First, the customer has to swipe or insert the card after entering the amount.


 Enter PIN

  • In order to authenticate the transaction, PIN of the card is needed.


 Transaction complete

  • The customer will receive a receipt in his email or SMS.


 Mini ATM Service

  • ATMs are available at many places but in case of rural areas, there are very few. People have to travel a lot for withdrawing cash, money transfer, and doing other bank transactions. Our Mini ATM agents will help you get rid of all these problems. You just need to bring your debit card belonging to any bank and let the agent know about the type of transaction, which you have to do.
  • If you have to withdraw money, your card will be swiped and the required amount will be deducted from your account. The agent will give you the amount from his pocket. Similarly, if you have to transfer the amount to another account, same procedure will be applied and the amount will be transferred to the other account. A small amount of fee will be charged and you will get rid of traveling and going to banks or ATMs for your transactions.

Mini, Micro ATM


 Why Choose Us?

  • We deal with all kinds of bank transactions and our clients need not go anywhere. Our agents will come to them and they just have to give their debit cards for the required transactions. A small sum of money will be charged for the services. People who want to have mini ATM can contact us and we will provide them all the facility so that the ATM can work anytime and anywhere.


 Why associate with DogmaSoft?>

  • Save time
  • Perform all banking transactions
  • No traveling
  • No queuing
  • No monthly charges for MINI ATM service
  • Low investment and high returns
  • Fast and Secure Transaction
  • Easy payout
  • Free Bank settlement
  • Immediate credit in wallet

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