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Mini ATM

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Science has brought so many changes in the world that are helping us and making our lives convenient. One of the examples of those revolutionary changes in The Fintech Field is Mini ATM.

What is mATM (Mini ATM)?

Mini ATM also known as Micro ATM or mATM is a device that allows the user to utilize several Essential Banking Services such as cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, and mini statement without going to an ATM or bank branch. You can easily withdraw cash through your debit card from your nearest Mini ATM Service Center. It could be your nearby Kirana shop or retail store.

Functionalities of Mini ATM

Due to undeveloped infrastructure, most of the people from rural areas remain unprivileged from the banking and non-banking services, thus mini ATM is none less than a boon for these people. Despite the great development in making India Digital, cash plays a vital role in the Indian economy and the everyday needs of Indian citizens. Traditionally, there are two ways to get cash. Either going to a bank or ATMs. However, the unavailability of banks and ATMs in many places makes cash withdrawal a hectic process. Hence, mini ATM emerges as one of the best solutions for this.

On that note, providing mini ATM Services can be a Good Business and Startup Opportunity for the people who want to start their own business as they can earn alluring Micro ATM Commission by becoming an Mini ATM Agent.

★ Choose Dogma for your Mini ATM Needs ★

To become a successful Mini ATM Merchant or Agent, one must choose a Best Micro ATM (Mini ATM) Service Provider. Dogma Soft Limited is the leading Mini ATM service provider company that provides one-stop Micro ATM Solutions for agents and distributors. It provides the Best Mini ATM Devices that you can utilize to assist your customers with Mini ATM Cash Withdrawal, Payments & Other Services.
Simultaneously with providing micro ATM services, Dogma aims towards reducing the aperture between the population of rural areas and the availability of banking services there. The process to execute a Micro ATM Transaction with Dogma is extremely simple, you just have to follow the below three easy steps.

  • Swipe the card
  • Enter PIN
  • Hurray!!Transaction complete

★ Goods of choosing Dogma as your Micro ATM Service Provider: ★

Starting your Micro ATM Business as a Dogma Mini ATM Franchisee gives you some extraordinary benefits to operate your business with ease & proficiency. Here are some of them.

Time Effective

Quick and Instant Services


Tiny Investment, Huge Profit

Complimentary Bank Settlements

Portable Business Opportunity

Super Attractive & Sleek Design

Safe and Secured Services

Huge and Attractive Commission

Freedom from Monthly Charges

Dogma Soft Limited serves the people by helping them in the problems such as cash crunch, banking service unavailability & gives you the opportunity to Convert Your Shop into a Mini Bank. Grab it now to shine in your business.



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