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Begin your own Business in IT & Fintech Industry and provide Numerous Banking and Non-banking services with our High-End Ultra-Modern store that will be the center of attraction for your customers.Turn your local shop into a Dazzling Dogma Junction Store today!!.

In today's world where inflation and unemployment are on their top everyone looks for opportunities for better procuring. Everybody wants to be employed on their terms however, it is conceivable by only being self-employed. Envision having your own office with every necessary convenience & amenities with a field to work that is loaded with promising opportunities, isn't it exciting. It is the dream of numerous aspirants and it can be transformed into reality with "Dogma Junction”.

Dogma Junction: Who are we?

Dogma Junction is an exclusive franchise-based store that assists the various B2B retail outlets to turn their local shop or store into a luxurious super-exclusive store, that want to serve their consumers with countless IT and Fintech services such as Money transfer, ATM cash withdrawals, insurance, Mobile recharges, Bill Payments, and other banking and non-banking services.

We believe that if you can earn from your nearby of your home then why to go far from it. Dogma Junction Dispenses the Modern & super-exclusive outlets with all the digital amenities & modern facilities that are required to operate a growing & developing a business that will boost your earnings.
Being a franchise-based organization, we are always focused on providing exceptional services to our customers, who are the soul of our organization.

What does Dogma Junction execute?

We at Dogma Junction give our customers a first-class working environment to take their businesses to the next level that boosts both their earnings and the enthusiasm to work.

Our large-scale line-up of essential services helps the Dogma Junction store operators to serve their consumers in a superior way and procure more income than they are used to.

Objective of Dogma Junction:

At Dogma Junction, our very first objective is to serve the best to Dogma Junction stores and their consumers. We want to develop the nation socially, financially, & digitally, and especially the rural and rustic areas of our country. Rural empowerment, Development of Entrepreneurship, Generation of employment opportunities, and people welfare are some of the milestones we want to achieve. We aim to turn the dream of Independent India into reality.

Dogma Junction goes along with a franchise-based modal with the retail outlets and provides a lavish and advantageous work area to develop a lot, hence dealing with each and every need of our franchisees is our first priority. We are constantly expanding our network and making it more gigantic and broader to serve every single person of the nation. Our earnest attempts are to make India and its residents acquainted with the present computerized age.

Things you should know to open a Dogma Junction Outlet
  • The minimum size of the shop should be: Width 8ft & Length 10ft
  • The prior permission of the existing Dogma junction or the company’s sole decision is required to open a New Dogma Junction within the 10 KM radius of the existing Dogma Junction.
  • The total cost to be open a Dogma Junction store is INR 1,75,000/- + GST (Subject to Terms & Conditions)
  • The total cost can fluctuate depending on certain reasons such as the size of items and etc
Pricing for Dogma Junction Exterior
  • Dogma Junction Single-Side Exterior at INR 50,000 + GST (For Exterior Only)
  • Dogma Junction Double-Side Exterior at INR 1,00,000 + GST (For Exterior Only)
  • ✓ Exterior Made of ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel) Material ✓ Outer Front Board Flex (Size 10*3) ✓ 6 Round-Shape Outer Side Boards ✓ Dogma Soft Limited Logo at Top ✓ Business Name and Mobile Number Printed ✓ 0 KM Milestone Board ✓ Two Side Boards
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★ 10 Reasons to choose Dogma Junction over others in B2B IT & Fintech Markets: ★

There is a great deal of things that make retail outlet owners turn their stores into Dogma Junction Outlets. Perhaps the best thing about us is that we lean toward quality over quantity. And this makes our service reliable and trustworthy. Here are few things that will make you love Dogma over others.

1. Modern Infrastructure & High-End Ultra-Modern Looked Stores:

All Dogma Junction Stores are based on modern infrastructures with all needed modish amenities. We believe that the place where we are executing our business should be up to date and enticing. It will increase the trustworthiness and reliability of your customers on you.

2. Goodwill Booster:

Your super-exclusive Dogma Junction will not only increase your earnings but also boost your goodwill in your working Area/Tehsil/Taluka/Town.

3. Walk with Time

Like the old barbershops are converted into modern salons, Grocery stores have become supermarkets so why not you? “Turn your local store into a dazzling Dogma Junction Store.”

4. Cost-Effective:

We offer the lowest cost to open a Dogma Junction store as compared to market rate that is also makes us different from others and become pocket-friendly for our customers.

5. Standardize Your Work :

With a multi-specialty Dogma Junction store, you can standardize your existing work and strategize it for the future.

6. Own Your Dream Store :

With the help of Dogma Junction, you can own your dream office or store you had wished to work in. A store which will be the center of attraction for your customers.

7. Great Technical & Customer Support :

We provide real-time technical and customer support to all our franchisees whenever they need it. In addition to this, we offer a complete training of Dogma Junction to them.

8. Highest Commission in The Market :

We offer the most elevated commission on each transaction that is made through Dogma Junction stores. Also, the real-time settlements draw the attention of individuals to go along with us.

9. Real-Time Settlement of Commission :

We do provide the real-time settlement of the commission that is made in Dogma Junction stores. This settlement process is quick and secure.

10. Freedom from Unemployment :

Why to be unemployed if you can start your own business with Dogma Junction. With Dogma Junction stores you can offer a large number of digital & essential services under a roof that will expand the customer footfall and you will earn a great income monthly.
“Start running your business with Dogma Junction Store now and be your own boss.”

The one thing that is supreme for us is our customers that trust and rely on us. Our constant endeavor is to grow and develop their businesses and standardize their existing work.

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★ Miracle Benefits of Converting Your Shop into Dazzling Dogma Junction: ★

In Dogma Junction our consumers are the key part of our association, we are fully dedicated to provide quality services to them. We offer them an extensive array of top-notch stuff.
Once they get successfully joined with us they will get the following furnishings and services at their your Dogma Junction Store:

2 Main Seat counters

Back wall with display

Back cabinet

Curved ceiling fascia

Customer puffy

Manager Cabin

Manager table

Manager cabin puffy

Dogma Branding

Apart from the above, Dogma Junction stores get quality customer and technical support from us whenever needed. We provide a complete training about how to operate Dogma Junction stores.

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