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We Provide


  • Your website provides an international presence to you and your profession
  • Your website is always available for everyone and everywhere.
  • Your website saves calling, printing, mailing and advertisement cost.
  • Your website improves your global relations.
  • Your website is helpful for improving your business.
  • Your website provides an instant visual presentation of you and your profession.

Your website will contain the following features

  • Domain Registration.
  • VPS Hosting
  • 5 Email Id's
  • Fixed design layout
  • Fully Dynamic Website
  • Dynamic page creation
  • Header Design
  • Logo Design
  • Dynamic Slider
  • Contact us form
  • News / Events
  • Dynamic Photo Gallery
  • Social media integration
  • Online enquiry or feedback form
  • Map and driving directions
  • Downloadable / Printable documents
  • Self Updated Administrative Panel (CMS)
  • One Window for Solution of all Your Requirements
  • Free maintainence and support service for one year only


  • Any further changes or modification in website format is subject to charges.

  • Website Development Cost Sheet

    Sr. No Features Cost
    1 Fixed layout & graphic design Rs. 1,000/- Only
    2 Fixed Template designs
    3 Fixed Content management system
    4 Full backend control panel(Admin Panel) Rs. 1,730/- Only
    5 Simple page editor
    6 Web link management
    7 SEO feature include only Google verification keywords based
    8 Custom contact form builder
    9 News feeder and management system
    10 Secure page login manager
    11 Logo Design
    12 Flash Header
    13 Customer Complaint/Feedback System
    16 Dynamic popup photo gallery or slideshow
    17 Domain Registration and web hosting Rs. 1,070/- Only
    18 Total Cost Rs. 3,800/- Only
    "Note :- Free Maintenance and Support Service for 1 Year Only."
    "Note :- Any further changes or modification in website format is subject to charges. "

    Note : Above mentioned prices of services is only at the time of online purchase. Any visit of our executive before and after sale at your doorstep is chargeable below are the rates as per the kilometers run.

    Kilometers Price
    Up to 50 Km 1,000 - 1,500/-
    Up to 100Km 1,000 - 2,000/-
    More than 100km 2,000 - 3,000/-

    We have Pan- India presence with over 1100 Business consultants. You can find them within 200km run from your place.

    Details Required For Website:

    • Name of your organization with full address and pincode.
    • Logo of your organization
    • Contact details including Email Id, Phone Number,Fax Number etc.
    • Organization Introduction,History and Objectives.
    • Vision, Mission and Message from Chairman in about 250 words
    • Photos which are related to your plans, organization etc.
    • Latest news, achievement etc.
    • Information about your team like;-Employee Name,Designation and Employee's photos
    • Information pertaining to your organization registration detail.
    • Documents which are related to your organization.
    • About your site plans and services which you offer.


    Payment Procedure

    Website/Software can be purchased securely online, or via phone, and mail etc. All online purchases are guaranteed 100% secure. Your ordering information is secured from accessing anyone.

    Start this process by simply click the "BUY NOW!" button next to the service title you are interested in.

    For ordering our product/Services by phone click on order by phone and get more instruction to complete your order.

    For ordering our product/Services by Mail click on order by mail and get more instruction to complete your order.

    Offline Payment


    Online Payment

    Terms and Conditions of Website & Web based Services

    The Terms and conditions of our relationship are as follows:

      1. Nonexclusive Appointment:
      Upon acceptance of this Agreement by DOGMA SOFT, Client is hereby appointed a nonexclusive client of the websites pursuant to this Agreement. Client accepts such appointment and agrees to serve as a client of the Products to end users as provided herein. Client understands and shall inform end-users ("Customers") that the use of the websites is dependent upon Customers agreeing and adhering to the DOGMA SOFT End User License Agreement (EULA), where applicable, which shall be provided by dealer to each Customer accordingly.
      This Agreement is not exclusive to Client and DOGMA SOFT reserves the unrestricted right to sell, license, market and distribute or to grant to others the right to sell, license, market and distribute the Products and value added versions thereof anywhere in the world.

      2. License:
      2.1 Client is hereby authorized to grant End Users a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and no assignable license to website. Such License shall also be subject to the provisions of all Exhibits, including Exhibit "B", SETECS End User License Agreement.
      2.2 Client shall have no rights to Source Code to any website and Reseller shall not have any rights to create any Derivative Works or make translations of the website and shall not disassemble, decompile, reverse assemble, reverse compile, recompile or make extracts from such website or attempt to determine the Source Code or permit others to do so.
      2.3 No License is granted for any Use or reproduction of any website for which the required Per Copy Royalty has not been made by Reseller.

      3. Payment of Developer's Costs:
      Customer shall reimburse Developer for all out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Developer in performing services under this Agreement. Such expenses include, but are not limited, to:
      (a) All communications charges
      (b) Costs for providing conversion services for converting Customer's database
      (c) Media costs;
      • Customer shall pay Maximum Developer cost in Advanced at Head office Jaipur or 155 Branch Offices in India.
      • Rest payment wills Payable at the time of Delivery of your website.
      • Payment will be late then condition will be changed as per company without any prior information.

      4. Refund Policy & Jurisdiction:
      Once payment made is not refundable and adjustable in any circumstances, in the event a dispute arises between you and we out of relation to the verification services provided by us will be handled with the dispute resolution procedure by jaipur jurisdiction only.

      5. You shall not copy, Reproduce, modify, decompile or reverse engineer any website of Company in any manner whatsoever.

      6. Source code of any website must not be used, reproduced or inherited through any media.

      7. When the security reason, we can close down the site without any Information. Is not possible to give information to all clients. For the latest information to call on our helpline numbers (0141 3084055, Toll Free- 1800 137 2014).

      8. We do not have any responsibility if the site is hacked. We can only try to recovery.

      9. Your website data updating is free maximum 3 times after that it will be chargeable.

      10. Maintenance & Support:
      (a) Telephone hot-line support during Developer's normal days and hours of business operation. Such support shall include consultation on the operation and utilization of the website. Customer shall be responsible for all telephone equipment and communication charges related to such support.
      (b) Error correction services, consisting of Developer using all reasonable efforts to design code and implement programming changes to the website, and modifications to the documentation.
      (C). Problem resolution will be only through remote login or by telecommunication between office times (10.00AM to 7.00PM) except national holidays and Second Saturday. 30th January will be company's annual off due to Annual Function on 29th January. Company will on from 9.30 AM (28th) to 12.00 AM (30th January)

      11. I/we certify that all the information given above and in the proceeding pages by me/us is/are complete and correct.

      12. I/We declare that I/We am/ are authorized to sign on behalf of my organization and that my directors and shareholders/member (Where relevant) are in total agreement of my / our Services.

      13. I/We understand that the approval of my/ our Organization as client shall be done as per the norms of the Dogma Soft Ltd.

      14. I/ we understand that Dogma Soft Ltd. reserve the right to terminate the Services without assigning any reason.

      15. I/we understand that the Services are approved for ONE year only, subject to subsequent renewal.

      16. I/we declare that the Services will abide by all rules and directions of Dogma Soft Ltd. given time to time.

      17. The above terms and conditions are based on the company's policy, procedures and other rules currently applicable in India and are subject to amendments and adjustments from time to time. In all matter including those not specifically covered here such as online version of the applications, etc you will be governed by the rules of the company as shall be in force from time to time.

      18. Term of Agreement:
      This Agreement commences on the date it is executed and shall continue until full performance by both parties, or until earlier terminated by one party under the terms of this Agreement.

    "Note: - This Agreement applies only website and web based applications."

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