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School Management Software

Complete School Management Software !!!

With 28 modules that handles all aspects of your School...
Already being used by thousands of schools across the globe!!!

Common Integrated School Application (CISA) is one of the most Reliable, Affordable & User-friendly school management software. It is the one integrated system you will ever need to manage and take care of your whole School.

Mainly Topic Focus in Software as per Below * Student Information Management * Staff Information Management * Accounting Management * Administration Management *Library Management* Other Functions for Management We Provide more than 100 Types of highly customizable reports for each of the Above Module. Every School Admin or School Management at some point or the other feel the real need of using a School Software for their Schools.

 Common Integrated School Management Software provides with powerful Features For Any type of School in India.
 One Stop Software Solution to manage Your School Over All Process which save up to 99% of Your Manual Works With                Saving Manpower And Rs 20,000 To 50,000 per Year For Your School.
 Multi User Environment.
 User Creation & High Security Setting options.
 Database Backup & Restore Options.
 Manages All Manual Work Of School From Student Enquiry To Placement.
 Software Generated Report Can Be Converted Into Any Format Like Word/Excel/Pdf.
 Due Fee, Schedule , Given Cheque Reminder Reminds You At The Start Up The Software.
 Software Can Give You Any Record In Just Few Seconds Instead Of Hours Of Clerical Work.
 Continuous Upgratation In The Software Done By Our Highly Committed R&D Team To Make Our Software Feature Rich           Dynamic & Future Tuned.
 Off-Site Support Is Provided As Per Requirements .
 Tele Support, Mails , On-line & Support Via E-mail Comprises Of The Main Off Site Support Techniques .
 Minor Charges in Reports And Other Aspects Are Taken Care Of By Our Development Center And Sent Across Through           E-mail/CD.
 Complete Training And User Manuals Are Provided To All Our Customers For Easing The Implementation Process.
 Budget Control System & Financial Planning.
 Paper Less Transaction.